At home with Jodi of Hygge Woven

I’ve really been loving connecting with creatives in their spaces lately. Absorbing some of the magic and observing their flow leaves me feeling so very inspired. And that was definitely the case of my time with Jodi – the maker behind Hygge Woven /Hygge Prints.

Spending a cozy morning with Jodi in her home here in Port Townsend, Washington felt like such a gift. The chill of Autumn was in the air and we spent our time together staying cozy, chatting, sipping on tea and I got to document her in her creative flow. Here are some of my favorite snaps, all shot of film.

A woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee.
A woman sits at a table with a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.
A couch with knitted items on it.
Two pictures of a woman sitting on the steps of a house.
A person sitting on a couch with a dog.
A picture of a drawing on a table next to a box.
A person is working on a piece of paper.
Two pictures of a woman working at a desk.
A woman is making a print on a table.
Two pictures of a woman working at a table.
A woman hanging clothes pegs in a room.
A dog peeking out from under a table.
A woman in a red sweater standing on the steps of a house.

If you are interested in collaborating with me on this type of session, you can send me a note by clicking here! I’d love to hear from you!

Flower Power // Afternoon on the farm with Space Lotus

Space Lotus Floral Collective is dreamy collaboration between Jules of Space Twins Provisions and Natalie of White Lotus Farm. Not only do they grow the most gorgeous of blooms, but they sell their organic veggies and fresh sourdough bread at our local Farmers Market, which is how I learned of them initially!

Spending the afternoon basking in their glow, surrounded by flora and fauna was the biggest treat for me and I just love the photos we made together. Here are some of my faves, all shot on film and processed by The Find Lab.

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Best of 2021

2021 looked a lot different than year passed, one reason being that I relocated up to beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington and I had to travel down to Southern California for many of my sessions! I feel so honored that so many of you were willing to organize shoots around my travel schedule. I really do have the best clients ever.

My plan is to be in LA in the Spring and Fall and am also booking sessions in the lush Pacific NW (including Seattle/Portland) so please spread the news ❤ And for now, here are a few of my 2021 favorites!

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Bare feet, warm hearts // Malibu family session

I heard the happy screams and giggles of kids coming from the house as I walked up the path to the front door where I was greeted warmly by a smiling faces, and bare feet. From this moment, I KNEW this was going to be a good time. We ended the sesh at a local Malibu beach, where we had the whole shore to ourselves. It was one of those evening that you wish could have just gone on forever.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400 & Tri-X film, my my fellow film nerds.

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Party of Five // Family session in Culver City

This family is what my photo dreams are made of! It is so obvious how much they enjoy each others company with smiles and hugs all around…and it made me grateful for my own big, loving family and 3 siblings.

We spent the last light of the day running around one of their go-to parks in Culver City, California. Here are some of my favorite snaps from our evening together.

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Feels like Fall // Griffith Park family session

I’ve been photographing this family since the oldest boy was a newborn and documenting this growing family has been SUCH a joy for me! We spent an early morning together in Griffith Park and were beyond grateful the sweater weather and autumn leaves. Anyone else want some warm apple cider after looking at these images, or is it just me? HA!

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Best of 2020!

Oh 2020…what a roller-coaster of a year you have been. Starting off strong with some of the sweetest in-home sessions and then halting suddenly when Covid shut down the world. No work for months led to lots of creative brainstorming (and bread baking!) and, despite it all, I feel incredible grateful that I was still able to create love-filled images with so many of you.

I will never take hugs and smiles for granted again.

Now for some of my personal faves from the year! It was SO hard to narrow it down since I love ALL of my clients & sessions but sharing 500 photos would just be too much. haha.

Thanks for stopping by & cheers to 2021 being better than the last!

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