Highlights of 2022

Another year has flown by and going through all of my shoots from the previous months has become one of my favorite rituals. I sit with a hot cup of tea, keeping warm and cozy during these chilly winter days, as I remember with gratitude all of the amazing folks that have chosen me to document their lives.

diptych of mom and daughter playing at home coloring and jumping on bed
smiling young woman, eyes closed, in front of flowers
black and white film photograph of family playfully hugging with mountains in the background
vista scene of big lake with paddleboarders
diptych of mom and daughter, tickling feet, and smiling at camera
young child on couch with parents, mom kissing head
black and white grainy photo and two hands outreached
young girl running with outreached arms toward parents in field
colorful stairs with siblings sitting relaxed and one of mom and son playfully pressing foreheads together
double exposure film photograph of girl and sunflowers
black and white film photo of family of 4, dad lifting young daughter, mom smiling at them, big sister running by in a blur
diptych of mom with 2 young children interacting, young girl blowing on a flower
black and white photo of young boy with a pensive look as mother lovingly touches hair
mom and daughter close up of hands holding small flowers
family of 4 playing in yellow flowers, one daughter smiling at camera
diptych of 2 brothers running towards parents and standing on path on nature
black and white photo of girl hugging dad, close up with eyes closed
family of 4 with 2 young children, young boy smiling at the camera while others interact
new baby laying in bed with 2 big sisters
couple hugging and looking at each other in nature
close up of young girl cheesing at the camera
big oak tree with family of 4 looking at each other playfully
family of 4 playing in at the beach in golden light
newborn laying in bed with wide eyes, family of 4 hugging
mom and dad being pulled through grassy field by daughter
mother tickling 2 young boys at home
mom kissing baby with big sister smiling at the camera
family of 4 interacting playfully
family of 4 interacting playfully
family of 5 in home interacting, one young girl smiling at camera
pregnant mom holding toddler and dad is tickling her leg
family playing at beach, mom kissing toddler who is upside down
parents smiling with young children
couple lounging and cuddling in chair
laughing child being ticked by sibling
mothers and 2 children sitting on a fallen log in nature
close up of toddler holding little flowers
couple on wedding day looking at each other, close up of flowers
mom kissing toddler and holding baby on playset
2 young woman laughing in a flower fields
mom and 2 children in the garden, sleeping flowers and laughing
young boy and newborn laying in mothers lap
mom and 2 daughters walking in tide pools a the beach
Mother holding tiny baby lovingly
family of 3 gazing at each other and embracing
close up of mother and daughter hugging and holding hands
young boy smiling at camera with moms hands cupping cheeks from behind lovingly

I also wanted to extend a HUGE shout out to the best film lab around, The Find Lab. If you are thinking about diving into shooting film or if you already do and are looking for a place that you can trust, look no further!