Cuba on film

I’ve been wanting to go to Cuba for as long as I can remember so I jumped at the chance to enter when I saw that my film lab was doing a giveaway for a 4-day film photo adventure in Havana & Vinales.

I never win giveaways but I just had this feeling in my gut when I entered – “I think I’m going to Cuba”. A couple days later I got a message asking if I had a passport and then it was all systems GO!

Sergio, my guy, also came along and it was SUCH a treat to see him fall in love with shooting film – plus we have been dying some for sunshine and an adventure so it was the perfect timing.

We stayed in a Casa Particular in the non tourist-y part of town and adventured around the streets of Havana with film cameras in tow, connecting with locals and the other photographers. I swam in the warm sea, ate the most amazing food, smoked a cigar on a family owned Tobacco farm, got pulled on stage to dance at the Buena Vista Social Club, rode a horse in the rain in the most beautiful countryside, and drank more cortados than I could count.

Not to sound to overly dramatic, but I left a changed woman. More inspired, more grateful, more curious…and with a serious case of wanderlust.

Vintage car driving past colorful, timeworn buildings on a busy street.
Two people taking a mirror selfie in a warmly lit room.
A split image showing a person's feet on a tiled floor in one half, and a view from a green shuttered window onto a cityscape in the other half.
Vintage blue car parked beside a rustic building with weathered walls and a faded "cantería" sign.
A split image showing a person petting a ginger cat on the left, and a person sitting at a café enjoying a drink on the right.
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Summertime on Whidby Island

I feel so lucky to live up in the PNW, where things like clamming are possible! We decided to give it a try for the first time with our best buddies & after lots of research, we woke up one Saturday morning at dawn when the tides were low & took the ferry over to Whidby Island from Port Townsend.

I brought my 35mm film camera along to document our time. I only wish I would have taken photos of the yummy chowder & pasta we made afterwards!

A group of sailboats in the water at sunset.
Two pictures of a man on a beach with a bucket.
A little girl wearing a hat.
A girl standing on a beach holding a fishing net.
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West Coast, Best Coast // Roadtrip adventure

In celebration of my man’s big 4-0, we packed up Rusty (our 83′ VW bus) and embarked on an almost 3 week roadtrip up through California and southern Oregon in July.  It was what every summer dreams to be – sunshine, rivers, rainbows, exploring, hanging with old friends, & stunning views every. single. day. To say I love this coast is an understatement. Here are some faves, all shot of film.

Kodak Portra 400 developled & scanned by The Find Lab

Love in the desert // roadtrip to Joshua Tree

It may sound silly, but Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday. I am a sucker for love, and even though it is something that should be celebrated every day, I have to admit that having a holiday honoring it is pretty sweet.

This year, my guys and I decided to skip town and camp out in Joshua Tree for a couple of days to celebrate. We hiked, talked for hours around a campfire, stargazed, & did nothing. It was perfect. Here are some of my favorite snaps our time there.

Sunshine in Seattle // My vacation on film

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Seattle for the very first time and it was magic. The city itself was awesome but all of the water and lush greenery is what I live for! We spent a lot of the time outside since it was sunny and warm the entire week – out on the water, blueberry picking, and checking out the various islands. Some of our favorite people live up there (including our god daughters who are in alot of these photos!) so I’d say my MOST favorite moments were spent snuggling them. Oh, and the coffee. That was also really good too.

All images shot on a Canon eos3 with Portra 400 film. Dev/scanned by The FIND lab