Summertime on Whidby Island

I feel so lucky to live up in the PNW, where things like clamming are possible! We decided to give it a try for the first time with our best buddies & after lots of research, we woke up one Saturday morning at dawn when the tides were low & took the ferry over to Whidby Island from Port Townsend.

I brought my 35mm film camera along to document our time. I only wish I would have taken photos of the yummy chowder & pasta we made afterwards!

A group of sailboats in the water at sunset.
Two pictures of a man on a beach with a bucket.
A little girl wearing a hat.
A girl standing on a beach holding a fishing net.
A man kneeling in the mud with a shovel.
A woman with a hat and gloves holding a shell.
A group of people and a child are working on a beach.
A girl holding a bucket of shells on a beach.
A man in a straw hat digging in the sand.
A man in a straw hat holding a shell.
A group of people standing in a grassy area.