Dreamy Wedding in Topanga Canyon

I’m not sure where to start when describing this wedding other than to say it was SUCH a dream! From the super in love couple to the magical location to the fact that they love & appreciate film photography…. It truly felt like a match made in heaven.

Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Blooming flowers in the sunlight with a serene garden fountain in the background.
A wedding dress hanging on a window frame with greenery in the background.
Poolside lounging area with umbrellas and chairs in a garden setting with a view of an elegant building.
Two women embracing and smiling on the left; close-up of a traditional garment on the right, in black and white.
Elegant dining setup with blue accents in a rustic venue and a detailed door knocker on a wooden door.
A group of men toasting with drinks in a celebratory gathering.
Two men having a conversation in a room with a reflection visible in a mirror.
A diptych of a woman standing in a doorway framed by lush greenery.
Man putting on a black jacket in a room with curtains.
Man in a suit standing by a reflective surface, resulting in a mirrored image.
Three men in formal attire sitting and posing on the left, and a woman in a bridal dress looking away on the right, in a black and white photo.
A split-image showing a man in a suit on the left and a woman having her dress fastened on the right.
Two individuals embracing near an open door of an old house surrounded by lush greenery.
Two black and white photos side by side: on the left, a man and a woman posing and smiling together; on the right, the woman adjusts the man's suit.
A woman helping a man buttoning a flower.
A bride happily looks on from a doorway as the groom smiles gently in the foreground.
Bride and groom sharing a playful moment outside a rustic building.
A bride and groom sharing a kiss and dancing at their wedding celebration, captured in black and white.
Bride and groom holding hands on their wedding day.
Bride and groom in two scenes: standing beside flowers looking away and sharing a kiss.
Couple walking up a stairway hand-in-hand, smiling.
Bride and groom sharing an intimate moment in a garden walkway.
Bride and groom holding hands and gazing at each other in a garden aisle.
A bride and groom sit together near a tranquil fountain with lush greenery.
A black and white diptych depicting a man in a suit standing by a staircase with a large plant in the foreground.
A group of six children dressed in formal attire posing for a photo outdoors.
Three women smiling and posing together outdoors.
Left: a young boy dressed in a shirt and bow tie smiling at the camera. right: three women embracing and laughing together outdoors.
Group of people gathered by a pool in a garden setting for a social event.
A bride descends an old stone staircase surrounded by lush greenery.
A couple exchanging vows at an outdoor wedding ceremony with an officiant.
A bride and groom exchange vows in an outdoor ceremony officiated by a man with a book.
A couple exchanges vows in a garden setting, followed by an embrace next to a floral-adorned vintage door.
A collage of four photos showing a couple participating in a wedding ceremony outdoors, surrounded by greenery and a rustic archway.
A newlywed couple holding hands and triumphantly raising their arms as they walk, with an applauding individual in the background, set in a garden with lush greenery.
A bride and groom walk down the aisle while guests look on, with the groom emotionally wiping a tear from his eye.
Bride and groom walking down the aisle, with guests clapping around them.
A blurred black and white diptych of a couple in formal attire, with a dreamy atmosphere, possibly from a wedding event.
Four-panel sequence of two people holding hands while walking, shown in black and white.
A couple dressed in formal attire sharing a moment in a garden setting; the left image shows them standing apart and looking back at the camera, and the right image captures an affectionate embrace.
Bride and groom celebrating with marriage certificate in hand.
A family of four, with two sons, embracing and smiling in an outdoor setting.
Two women embracing and posing for a photo in a garden setting.
Bride embracing a guest at an outdoor wedding, with the sun setting in the background.
A couple in wedding attire walking hand-in-hand with a sunset backdrop, and a close-up of a bride holding a bouquet.
A child lying on the dance floor while adults dine and converse in the background.
A quadruplicated image showing a tray of champagne flutes.
Guests mingling and dancing at an indoor event, possibly a wedding reception.
A couple exchanges a tender gaze across a table adorned with flowers and candles at an indoor event.
Warmly-lit rustic wedding reception with guests seated at tables and a couple in the center of the room.
Couple sharing a dance with onlookers in the background in a warmly lit room.
A couple sharing a dance in a dimly lit room with onlooking guests.
A couple sharing a dance in a dimly lit room with guests looking on.
Bride and groom posing with champagne glasses, and a couple smiling in the background at a wedding reception.
Woman dancing with arms raised in a festive atmosphere.
A young boy dancing confidently on a dance floor surrounded by adults.
A vintage lamp showcasing a mermaid figurine next to lit candles, and a dessert table with cupcakes and pastries.
Bride and groom feeding each other cake at a wedding reception.
A couple shares a kiss while standing at a dessert table during a wedding reception.
Group of six people posing for a photo at an indoor event, with one person wearing a tiara.
Guests of various ages dancing at a festive indoor event.
Two women holding hands and dancing with a smiling man at an indoor gathering.
A couple sharing an intimate moment at a table by the window with a view of a cozy fireplace.

Film photographs developed & scanned by The Find Lab.