Highlights of 2023

SO grateful for another year of photographing some my FAVORITE faces & some wonderful new ones, as well! From the dreamy PNW down to glowy Los Angeles – here are some of my faves from the year.

A woman in a black top and yellow skirt walking through a grassy field with a water body in the background under a cloudy sky.
A collage of black and white wedding photos featuring a smiling bride in four poses and a joyful couple standing under an archway.
A lamb standing beside a sheep in a farmyard setting.
A sailboat with its sails down floating on calm waters under a cloudy sky, framed within the sprocket holes of a filmstrip.
Toddler holding hands with adults during a walk outside.
A woman prepares tea outdoors on a wooden table with ceramic bowls, surrounded by nature.
A playful family moment outdoors with a young girl smiling and pointing upwards, another child crouching below, and the partial view of two adults.
A joyful child wearing a large straw hat smiling outdoors.
An outdoor evening event with guests seated at tables under string lights beside an old brick building with faded lettering.
Four-panel image of a woman enjoying the sunshine in a field of sunflowers.
A woman embraces two young boys in a loving hug outdoors among greenery.
A couple in wedding attire lovingly embracing outdoors, with a warm, sunlit garden in the background.
Woman smiling with closed eyes, standing by the seaside.
A couple enjoys a cozy moment together in a hanging rattan chair on a sunny deck, with their dog beside them.
Woman sitting on the steps of a red house with a porch.
A diptych of family moments in nature: on the left, a mother and daughter embrace and touch foreheads in a field; on the right, a father gives a piggyback ride to his smiling daughter.
A dog peering from under a table at a plate with crumbs and a piece of cake.
A mother enjoys a playful and affectionate moment with her young son while lying on a blanket on the grass.
Two smiling girls embracing each other outdoors.
A family moment outdoors with a mother lying on the grass with a baby, as two other children play on a swing in the background.
A family enjoying outdoor time together, with the mother holding a laughing baby in one image and the father adoringly looking at the baby in the other image.
A family enjoys a leisurely walk with their two dogs along the beach shore.
Four people of varying heights standing behind a yellow and green railing, with only their lower halves visible.
Two images of young girls enjoying outdoor activities; on the left, they are hugging while sitting in a field, and on the right, they are holding hands and running.
A man standing in a living room with vinyl records and art on the wall and a woman sitting at a kitchen island with a dog walking in the foreground.
A family enjoying time outdoors with a father kissing a baby while two children look on.
A young woman in warm clothing embracing a rolled-up blanket in a grassy field.
Toddler wearing a crown standing outside with adults and another child nearby.
Diptych of a person in a green shirt, first image with a neutral expression, second image smiling, standing in front of greenery and flowers.
A family of four with three children smiling outdoors.
A young girl smiles with a chicken on her head, while a woman holds a child nearby, with a pony in the background.
Family moments at home: relaxed togetherness on the couch and a mother cradling her newborn baby.
A person stands by a fence with a view of a hilly neighborhood in the background, in black and white.
A smiling woman drawing at a table with art supplies, beside a bright interior wall displaying colorful paintings.
A bride and groom share a kiss on the left and dance with raised hands on the right, both moments captured in black and white photography.
A child in a blue shirt gently embraces a younger child in a white dress outdoors, while two adults partially appear in the background.
Four panel photograph of two adults and a child crossing a street, the images blurry and exhibiting motion.