Mountain Muse // Creative Portrait session in Topanga Canyon

You know how a cartoon characters eyes will pop out of their heads when they see something they think is gorgeous? Heart eyes, little cupids flying around the head, etc. Well this is the effect that Ashley, the creative director, co-owner, and sous chef of Fig and Forage LA has on yours truly. Total girl crush.

The wild thing is that she is not only physically stunning but she is equally lovely & creative & so fun to be around. Here are some of my favorite shots of our time together, all shot on film and processed and scanned by The Find Lab.

I am hoping to start incorporating these experimental elements into more, or maybe all, of my shoots. So if you book a sesh with me and are into the light leaks and double exposures you see going on here, make sure to let me know that you are down to get little WEIRD and we can make some magic together!

Simple pleasures // A sister shoot at home in Topanga Canyon

Can ALL of my sessions please include farm animals and golden fields? Please! No but seriously, photographing these sisters at their Topanga Canyon home for the 2nd time was a total dream for me. (See first shoot here) Lately, I am all about life’s simple pleasures and this sesh had me feeling so inspired!

To learn more about of these lovely creatures, check out their blog here.

Films : Fuji 400h, Portra 400, HP5// Developed and scanned by The FIND lab