Jessamyn // Creative portrait session at home in Topanga Canyon

We are 3 weeks into “social distancing” thanks to Covid 19 & I hope you are all staying healthy, sane, & finding the silver linings wherever possible! It’s such a strange & uncertain time and boy do I feel lucky that my husband continues to have work, even though my photo sessions have all been on pause for the unforeseeable future.

I miss taking photos of people so much. But in the stillness, I have been feeling waves of immense gratitude (intermingled with worry & anxiety about the state of the world!) that I have a job that I actually miss. That I get to live in a place where I am able to go outside and lay in the grass.

I thought now was the perfect time to share this session of the one & only, Jessamyn, that I shot back in February in Topanga Canyon. It embodies what I have been really trying to focus on during these past weeks at home – to slow down, be gentle with myself, & to find joy in the small things.

young woman playfully peeking around a doorway
young woman spinning in house playfully
young free spirited woman sitting in a painted doorway
reaching hands in nature
woman playfully walking in a dry creek
woman looking out a glass window into nature
portrait of a young woman leaning on knee
woman sitting cross legged under a tree and looking into a vintage camera
woman in nature tipping to the side childlike
young woman laying in clovers happily
young woman in the sunshine with trees in the background
young woman smelling flowers and drinking tea
double exposure of young woman in nature
young woman smiling outdoors with sweetgrass in her mounth
young woman laying in clovers and stretching playfully
young woman behind plants looking pensivly at camera

All photos shot on Kodak film & processed/scanned by The Find Lab