City Slickers // Family session in downtown Los Angeles

I photographed this sesh back in late 2019 and I can’t believe it took me this long to finally share it here! I’m just so CRAZY about it all – the love, the light, the colors. I don’t shoot in cityscapes super often and loved that this family had the idea to set our photo date in Downtown LA.

This playful, affectionate bunch had me smiling from ear to ear the whole time and I am just so dang grateful that I get to call this “work”.

Here are some of my personal faves from our time together!

Family of 4 sitting on a metal dock with focus on feet
diptych of mother hugging son and smiling and family crossing the street from behind and holding hands
family of four in a city with focus on 2 young and smiling boys
family of four sitting on a metal dock with parents tickling the children while they laugh
Diptych of mother and son smiling and parents holding hands as kids run in the background
family corssing the street with focus on the littlest boy from behind holding moms hand
close up of mother kissing yound sons neck
diptych of young boy peaking through a door from behind and family smiling at camera
family of four with brick wall background, parents playing and interacting with kids
diptych of dad with son on shoulders and kids running to smiling parents
young boy holding mothers hand and leaning playfully
family of four holding hands in a row with brick building in background
parents smiling at each other with kids on their backs
diptych of couple walking away and family of four playing with a city baclground
mother smiling as her tow children play in the background
smiling boy pays on mothers lap with eyes closed
family crossing a crosswalk together
young boys riding in an elevator and pushing buttons
family on rooftop with magical lighting. Kids running around and parents holding hands
family of four with brick background, parents smiling at camera while kids play
family of four with focus on feet
mom nuzzling young son while dad and other son talk in the background

Shot on Portra 400 film & processed by The Find Lab